Sponsor A Baby Pack

You can sponsor an entire life changing baby pack for just $120!   

Your pack will contain well over $1,200 worth of baby items, including everything needed to keep a vulnerable baby healthy, safe and warm.  Learn what your pack will contain here.

All of your funds will go straight to helping a baby in real need and you'll also support the work of social workers at over 70 different charities.

Sponsored packs are a perfect gift for a baby shower or a birthday or Christmas present!  It is also a very special way to honour a loved one who is no longer here.

You can also donate $120 directly to our bank account with the reference Sponsored Pack:

ANZ Bank

Little Sprouts Charitable Trust


Information About Your Pack

We can provide you with a photo of your pack and information about the charity and baby that you helped. 

If you have sponsored a pack as a gift for someone we can send a message directly to the recipient, with an image of their sponsored pack and information about who their gift has helped.   

If you would like this information please email us at littlesproutsnz@gmail.com.

Sponsor Baby Items

You can also help to change lives, for as little as $3, by sponsoring baby items that will go straight into our packs and be given away for free to babies in real need.

You can sponsor the following items for vulnerable babies: 

  • Item 1:  $3 - a set of socket covers; 
  • Item 2:  $6.50 - a digital thermometer; 
  • Item 3:  $10 - a photo-electric smoke alarm;
  • Item 4:  $15 - a set of cot sheets;
  • Item 5:  $35 - a set of 5 reusable nappies; 
  • Item 6:  $80 - a merino sleeping bag.

Donate Funds

Donations of funds of any amount are also always very welcome.

You can rest assured that all donated funds are only used to buy baby items for babies in real need.  Learn more here.